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By Carey Harrison

Scheduled for 2014 - details soon
Recent Events

    Rex & Rex  and  I Won't Bite You

    Two new full-length plays written by our
   resident playwright, Carey Harrison, ran in repertory
June 21 - July 7 at the historic Byrdcliffe Theater in Woodstock, New York. "As good as anything you'd expect to see on Broadway"

NB: The posters above are each linked to a review of that play by Susan Alexander Manuso writing for Roll Magazine Online.

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                                                 About the Plays

have you ever wished you could go back to a crucial time in your life and give yourself some advice, or maybe just a good talking to? Well, that is the essence of
Rex & Rex. The play
brings to life the adventurous life of six-times married Rex Harrison, star of My Fair Lady and many other well-loved films. This new play, written by his son - the author of numerous award-winning dramas - imagines Sir Rex at a decisive moment in his life, when he must choose between his loyal wife and his adored but terminally ill mistress, while at the same time being faced
with a crucial career choice. To his horror, along comes his older, wiser and more jaded self, with a lot of advice that young Rex is not sure he trusts. Will he choose calm and safety, or would he rather dare life as a roller-coaster ride, with joy and disaster on either side?

Carey Harrison plays his father at the age of 70, at the period of Rex Harrison's award-winning performance in Bernard Shaw's Heartbreak House, and Mick O'Brien plays the young Rex Harrison at the period of My Fair Lady's debut in Manhattan. Carey is known to local audiences for his performances in his own play, Magus, in Mamet's American Buffalo and most recently in Beckett's Endgame. Mick O'Brien, a Manhattan-based actor, is also known to Woodstock audiences from his highly popular performances as Carl Jung, in 2009, and as Salvador Dali, in 2011, in Carey Harrison's plays at the Byrdcliffe Theater, Scenes From a Misunderstanding and Midget In a Catsuit Reciting Spinoza.

Above left: Carey Harrison as Rex at age 70 and Mick O'Brien as Rex at age 40 in the play Rex & Rex with set design by Claire Lambe - Mr. Harrison's suit by Rex Harrison srn. Rex & Rex Photos by Sophie Baker.
I Won't Bite You: an Interview with the Notorious Monster, Dorothea Farber is a taut psychological drama, a contest between a woman, Dorothea "Dodie" Farber, who has been arrested for murder, and the lawyer who has come to interview her at the high security prison where she is being held on a South American island. Dodie's story takes us back to her grandmother's fate in Nazi-occupied Holland during the Second World War. Her grandmother's story, which haunted Dodie all through her childhood, has returned to reclaim Dodie and direct her life. Where can she look for a friend in her extreme peril? Is this court-appointed lawyer a friend or a foe?

Dodie is played by Holly Graff, a remarkable actress described in Roll magazine as "one of the most gifted young actresses of her generation."  The Lawyer is played by Phillip X Levine, an actor whose list of accomplishments on stage and screen is extensive. Phillip was the recepient of Marist College's "Best Actor" Silver Fox award for his portrayal of Bodie, a cross-dressing arsonist, in The Arsonist's Affair.
Following is a slide show from the production. put you mouse on the image to see the Start/stop + directional arrows which are below the slide show.                                   




           Photography in slide show taken by Sophie Baker with additional shots by Dean Manis

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                Other 2013 News
, a novel and The Secret Garden, an opera.
We are very excited that Mr. Harrison's NEW novel JUSTICE has been published by Dr. Cicero Books and is now available from Amazon and from the publisher's website. In the UK it is also available from Amazon and from the UK publisher's website. Described as "A book about beauty, love, romantic love, maternal love, the love of true and treasured friendship, and the transformative power of compassion. When you finish it, you, like the characters in it, will also feel transformed."
~ Roll Magazine.

                                                              Above left is the US book cover and, right, the UK book cover.
                    Justice is also available on Kindle and, in the fall, will be available on other electronic readers.

Yet another exciting event from this year was our Artistic Director Carey Harrison's collaboration with Nolan Gasser and the San Francisco Opera.
Mr. harrison was invited to write the libretto for the adaptation of the beloved Frances Hodgson Burnett novel The Secret GardeN for the San Francisco Opera. The opera, composed by Nolan Gasser (chief musicologist with Pandora) premièred in San Francisco on March 1st 2013 to great acclaim.
We are very hopeful that the opera will be produced closer to home in 2014 or 2015.

From the opera of The Secret Garden: a little Raja in India before cholera forces the story's protagonist Mary Lennox back to wintertime in England and the gloom of Misselthwaite Manor   
(run your mouse over the image for a pic of Mary and Colin. For more about The Secret Garden including cast, go Here - to hear songs, go Here and scroll down for audio files. For a review by Joshua Kosman of the San Francisco chronicle, go Here)

  Please scroll down for audience responses to some of our previous productions and do visit our Gallery page for slide shows of those productions; our Archive contains further information including brief synopses of the works

**Audience Responses to
Endgame - (September 2012)** outstanding production of End Game. What a good choice of this play. At least to me, it amplified this most secretive inner dialogue concerning resignation in both life, and death. (Kim Alderman)

An excellent Endgame!  Enjoyed it immensely. Carey  Harrison and Mik Horowitz made me really feel it, and made me laugh. The parents - perfect. As always Claire Lambe’s design is just  right, the set, costumes, props, all hit the mark. Direction, stage management...lights, tech. WOW. That intimate little Byrdcliffe stage was charged . (Joan Elliot)

You guys got it DOWN! I think Sam B'd proud! (Barbara Lubell)

Fantastic production...kudos all around! (Tom Grasso, editor of Roll Magazine)

Wonderful performances by all - and Claire's witty set and costumes always a delight! (Carole Bugge, novelist and playwright)

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Responses to
edgeRow SpecimeN - June 2012
written and directed by Carey Harrison
Sets and costumes by Claire Lambe

(be sure and go to our Gallery page for images and our Archive page for brief synopsis of the plays)

"Wonderful staging, great performances, top notch writing...we had a stellar evening of theatre in the woods...Bravo!" (David Adler, Screenwriter/Journalist - CBS, Universal; San Francisco Bay Guardian, San Diego Reader).

"This sweet, well-written, well-acted, well-directed play is well-worth seeing!" (Trey Kay, award winning documentary film-maker)

"A marvelous theatrical experience, intimate in every way: internal and external realities, warp and woof, blended to make a third thing - a strange family tartan woven in a dream" (Mark Kanter, artist and curator)

"I was totally unprepared for the depth of Carey Harrison's play and the level of Violet Snow's performance as she chases down the murderess, played to great emotional heights by Holly Graff. The end is more than a solution to a murder mystery, it delves into solving some deep mystery of life as well. Thank you Carey, Violet, and Claire - for your amazing minimalist set and costume design." (Susan Manuso in a letter to the Woodstock Times)


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