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Hitler'sTherapist is the world premiere of a new Carey Harrison one-act play, which the Woodstock Players Theater Company are presenting in a staged, rehearsed reading, directed by the author. In the play we meet Anna-Maria, an elderly psycho-analyst who describes how Adolf Hitler consulted her during the 1930s, because she was the only non-Jewish analyst he can find, and he has a severe problem: the only woman he will ever love in his lifetime, his half-niece Geli Raubal, whom he is holding prisoner against her will in his apartment, wants to kill herself. As Anna-Maria tells her troubled nephew, Geoffrey, about the outcome, we discover, along with Geoffrey, twists and turns beyond our wildest imaginings.

Hitler's Therapist, directed by Carey Harrison, features Mourka as Anna-Maria, and
Phillip X Levine as her nephew, Geoffrey. Costume and set designs by Claire Lambe.

The reading will take place on June 15 at 5:30 pm at the Kleinert/James Art Center of the Woodstock Guild in the center of the village of Woodstock. Please go to the Byrdcliffe Festival website for further information, reservation and tickets. All tickets for all Festival events are $20 and can be purchased online or at the door - NO ticket sales over the phone! There will also be NO physical tickets. Please print out your receipt if you have purchased tickets online. However, if you accidentally forget to bring your receipt to the performance, we will have your name on a ticket holders list for that particular performance.  Note there are also festival passes for $100 that allow access to all events on offer. 

August 1 - 4, 2013

 On August 3  5:00 pm, the Festival presents:
“Two's Company…Three's a Crowd”

An electrically edifying collaboration of Justin Kolb’s pianistic pyrotechnics and dramatic, revealing readings by Carey Harrison from the personal journals of and correspondence _ between Liszt, Verdi and Wagner!  Click on the title above to access the PFofV for more information about this and other festival events, and to purchase tickets.
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To see our contributions to the 2012 Byrdcliffe Festival of the Arts, please scroll down


y Carey Harrison
Byrdcliffe Festival of the Arts 2012 


Hedgerow Specimen was directed by the author, designed by Claire Lambe, with stellar cast comprising: Violet Snow, Ric Bennett, Holly Graff and Joseph Bongiorno.

*See our UP Next page for audience responses to the premiere of the play in June*

: it is the story of a woman who, one evening, kisses her children goodnight and goes out for a walk, and keeps on walking for 27 years. She travels on foot across America, accompanied only by her pet snail. Her idyllic journey comes to a halt when she witnesses a murder and is drawn into a relationship with the murderer - and a new mission.

-Writers Workshop 2012
2012 at 4:00 pm.

Carey Harrison hosted a playwriting workshop, the results of which were laugh-out-loud funny. Participants were given the following instructions -:

You will bring a laptop to the Byrdcliffe Theater (map) and, in 40 minutes, write a brief drama - between 1,000 and 1,500 words long (approx ten minutes of stage time) on a premise to be announced at the workshop - for immediate performance by the actors of The Woodstock Players, who will be at your disposal

Here is your cast: Violet Snow, Richard Bennett, Carey Harrison, Joseph Bongiorno and Holly Graff:-



We also staged the
Byrdcliffe Festival Cabaret

Here are some images from that:

Above: Faith Otay singing the blues accompanied by Tim Ruscoe
on guitar
Below: Sharon Breslau accompanied by Charles Cornelius.

Below: Claire Lambe as MC with band Mr. Oh introducing the next act. And right, in the gorgeous silver dress, is comedian Audrey Rapoport who did one of her hilarious skits.

Byrdcliffe Theater Address: 380 Upper Byrdcliffe Rd, Woodstock, NY  - Click for  MAP 
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