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slideshow of Endgame

In September of 2012 The Woodstock Players presented a terrifically received production of Samuel Beckett's play ENDGAME in Woodstock and in Saugerties, New York. The Cast consisted of Carey Harrison as the blind tyrant Hamm, Mikhail Horowitz as his slave Clov, and David Smilow and Sarah Chodoff as Hamm's parents Nagg and Nell.

Endgame was directed by Andrea Cunliffe and set & costumes were by resident designer Claire Lambe - unless otherwise stated, Claire is responsible for the sets, costumes, art and graphic design of all Woodstock Players productions to date.

"Wonderful performances by all - and Claire's witty set and costumes always a delight!"
(Carole Bugge, novelist and playwright - for Endgame)

Below are images and slide shows from our other productions - run your mouse over images for alternates.
For slide-shows, click on image for a full-screen show or with light-boxes, for enlarged image. For detailed information about these productions including cast lists and synopses of the plays, please go to our Archive page. Unless otherwise noted, costumes and sets are by our resident designer Claire Lambe.



Above  clockwise from top left (run your mouse over the image for alternative - actor info for images are devided by a "/ ) Wiley Gorn / From Magus - 1st production: Wiley Gorn  as Shakespeare. From Scenes from a Misunderstanding: Eric Olson and Mick O'Brien / ditto. From Midget in a Catsuit Reciting Spinoza: Phillip X Levine / Phillip X Levine, Richard Bennett and Neil Howard. From American Buffalo: Carey Harrison and Alex Bennett / Thomas Vernier. From Midget in a Catsuit...: Mick O'Brien as Salvador Dali in Midget / Mikhail Horowitz as Spinoza. From Magus - 2nd production: Rudi Azank and Richard Bennett / Peter Rae and Brittany Sokolowski in Magus 1st production.


Below - From Midget in a Catsuit..., Mick O'Brien as Salvador Dali and Kris Lundberg as Mary Jane Hammond from Ohio. Mouse-over for "Dali" painting of Midget in a Catsuit Reciting Spinoza forged by Claire Lambe

Slide show below for Midget in a Catsuit Reciting Spinoza - click on image for full-screen experience - click "X" or hit ESC button to return to this screen.

In January 2012 our production of American Buffalo, directed by Tracy Carney, played in Rhinebeck in a black box theater followed by a run in Woodstock in a white space - images of both productions are contained withine the slide show below. To learn about American Buffalo, see article written by our Artistic Director Carey Harrison for the online arts magazine Roll  HERE and for a piece about the play in the Woodstock Times, click HERE

Click on image for full-screen slide show
of American Buffalo. For details of cast etc., see our Archive page.

Pictured above is Mikhail Horowitz as Baruch Spinoza; mouse-over for image of Ric Bennett as Hermann Goering.

Written and directed by Carey Harrison.
Produced by The Woodstock Players - June 2011

Above is a short video from the rehearsal stage of Midget in a Catsuit Reciting Spinoza.
Below is a slide show of the production.
For an Interview with Mr. Harrison, click HERE

Cast: Terri Mateer, Mikhail Horowitz, Mick O'Brien, Kris Lundberg, Andrea Maddox, Violet Snow, Phillip X Levine, Richard Bennett, Neil Howard, and Marcus O'Really.
Lightbox slide show below - click on arrows to move forward and click slide for full-size image. 


Written and Directed by Cary Harrison

Mark Kanter as Emperor Rudolf II, Peter Rae as Franz Kafka and mouse-over for Mark as the Caliph of Baghdad with Wiley Gorn as Shakespeare (Magus 1)

MAGUS, our inaugural production as The Woodstock Players, premièred at the Byrdcliffe Theater and also played at the Center for Performing Arts in Rhinebeck. Scroll down for slide show - put your mouse on the image to show mechanism. Enjoy.
This is a light-box feature - click on image for full size
In addition to Mr. Harrison who played the titular role:
At Byrdcliffe were
Peter Rae, Brittany Sokolowski, Kris Lundburg, Deborah Tiberio, Trey Kay, Mark Kanter, Phillip X Levine, and Wiley Gorn.

At CPA Rhinebeck cast included George Conrad, Naomi Hard, Richard Bennett, and Rudi Azank

See our Archive page for more information and synopses of these productions

Written and directed by Carey Harrison
Slide show below - put your mouse on the image to display mechanism or click for full-screen show.

Hedgerow Specimen premièred in June 2012. Cast included Violet Snow, Richard Bennett, Joseph Bongiorno and Holly Graff. Stage managed by Chiara Harrison Lambe & Phaedra Fowler.
Click image for full-screen slide show of Hedgerow Specimen.

Comment from audience member for Hedgerow..:

"Wonderful staging, great performances, top notch writing...we had a stellar evening of theatre in the woods...Bravo!" (David Adler, Screenwriter/Journalist - CBS, Universal; San Francisco Bay Guardian, San Diego Reader.)
Written by Carey Harrison, Directed by Henry Akona, Produced by Edward Einhorn for Untitled Theater Company #61, and premièred at the Festival of Jewish Theater and Ideas in New York City, May 2009.With Eric Olson, Mick O'Brien, and Kris Lundberg. * Production was designed by UTC #61
Oedipus After Colonus
Written by Robert Kelly
Directed by Crichton Atkinson

Mouse-over image for author Robert Kelly

Premièred at HERE Theater in New York City by Dangerous Ground Productions, co-produced with The Woodstock Players at the Byrdcliffe Theater in 2010. Cast: Carey Harrison as Oedipus with Zoe Morris, Joane Tucker, and Ricard Saudek - Colista Turner played the Female Chorus of Athens -  Joane Tucker was replaced by Crichton Atkinson in the Woodstock Production. * Designs by Dangerous Ground Productions.

Carey Harrison as Oedipus,
mouse-over for Colista Turner - the female chorus

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